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Genus® Orbit Innova Germicidal Fly Light


Product Description


 NOTE: The Orbit Innova is a special Order Item. It ships direct from the manufacturer either from the USA or the United Kingdom. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery. Please choose UPS as your shipping method for these units.


The Genus® Orbit Innova Germicidal Fly Light


Using Translucent Technology™ the Genus® Innova Germicidal Fly Light combines premium performance in flying insect control with low running costs and ease of servicing.

 Taking the high performance of Genus®  Orbit and adding a germicidal facility to reduce airborne pathogens, Genus®  Orbit Innova is ideal for hygiene critical environments.

"Flies caught on the glue board continue to harbor bacteria and viruses. As the fly decomposes, these pathogens are released into the air over time. Genus® Orbit Innova incorporates a germicidal lamp that kills bacteria and viruses. Independent tests prove Genus®  Orbit Innova to be effective at reducing fungal emissions by 95% and bacterial emissions by 65%.

Utilizes Germicidal UV Lamps


 Food Processing Plants: 
Quality Control Laboratories  | Dry production area  | Packaging areas

Public areas  | Storage areas  | Care wards  | Non-public areas 

Doctor's / Dentist's Offices: 
Treatment Areas  | Laboratory Areas 

Sensitive Manufacturing: 
Medical Devices Industries  | Sterile Equipment Manufacturing  | Drug Manufacturing  | Clean Rooms

  • Dust proof and protected from water penetration in all directions
  • Unit can remain switched on while washing
  • No fear of short circuits or down time
  • Germicidal

2.4x more UVA output and 186% more fly catch*

• IP65 rated for safe wash-down

• Translucent Technology™ increases UVA dispersal and catch

• 45 W unit for quick catch (3 x 15 W lamps)

• Fully hinged front door and quick release cover for easy servicing

• Integral pheromone tray for increased catch

• Integrated airborne pathogen protection

• Built in safety cut-off feature when replacing pathogen reduction
   lamp ensuring the user is not exposed to the UVC radiation

• Translucent Technology™ provides 2.4 times more UVA output and
  all-round’ attraction

• 3 x 15 Watt UVA sleeved lamps and internal reflector panels for
  powerful, effective coverage in every space

• Quick and easy, both hands-free servicing of consumables

• Large, fully grid-marked glue boards for maximum catch area and
 HACCP compliance

• Built in pheromone tray to hold attractants for fly species not
  attracted by UVA light

Product Model & Specifications for Genus® Orbit Innova Germicidal Fly Light
Order Code:
Genus® Orbit Jet 3 x 15 W lamp sleeved
Dimensions (H:W:D)
344 x 528 x 128mm  (13.5 x 20.8 x 5.0in)
4.54kg  (10lbs)
60 Watts
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