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Genus Spectra Fly Light

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Product Description

Genus Spectra - Genus Spectra Compact 36W UV Lamps





Genus Spectra Fly Light

The Genus® Spectra has been designed with both performance and style in mind. Part of the Genus® group of products - synonymous with innovation, and design - this is a next generation solution to effective flying insect control.

 Genus® Spectra has been developed for high UVa output to achieve the quickest catch rate. It is more important than ever that effective pest management strategies are implemented. Customers are less accepting of pests and their demands for immediate results are increasing.

Engineered by the market leading designers at Brandenburg, the Genus® Spectra uses the latest innovations incorporating electronic ballast and features 2 x 36 Watt UVa bulbs. This technology ensures a higher, flicker free UVa output as well as a reduced running cost, resulting in a faster, insect catch when comparing it to similar traps in the market place.

The Spectra features specially positioned bulbs to maximise the 72W UVa output and ensure that flies head straight for the discreetly placed Brandenburg universal glue boards positioned behind the attractively designed screen panel.

The Genus® Spectra is an ideal trap for use in both sensitive areas and for locations with potentially heavy fly activity. The innovative design features and high performance level and simple to service lifting screen ensure the Genus® Spectra is suited to a wide range of applications.


  • Offers savings in running cost and maintenance.
  • Quick access to bulbs and glueboards for saving time and money in maintenance and servicing
  • Improves commercial environments quicker, with a high and fast level of flying-insect control
  • No replacement starters needed, reducing time, hassle and cost of servicing
  • Reduced running cost when compared to products operating with iron core ballast, offering an operating saving for the user
  • High ‘glueboard capacity’, allows operation in areas with high insect populations and reduces the required frequency of servicing – offering operational savings
  • Grid marked glueboard allows evaluation of insect-catch and ensures compliance with food safety regulations and HACCP programmes


  • 2 x 36 Watt unit delivering fast fly catch
  • Finished with an attractive screen providing complete catch discretion
  • Horizontal, vertical or corner wall mounting 
  • Lift and stay hinged cover for both hands free servicing



For Use In:

Supermarkets, Restaurants, Food processing plants, Office buildings, Hotels and other commercial establishments.

Dimensions: 21 in. x 12 in. x 2.7 in.

Weight: 6 lbs.

Includes: 2 Bulbs and 1 Glue board

Uses the Vector Univeral Glue Board

  * Built by Brandenburg NA.


Bulb for the Genus Spectra Fly Light

Glue Boards for the Genus Spectra Fly Light



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