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Gilbert® 2002 GT Flying Venus

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 Gilbert® 2002 GT Flying Venus

Textured White Vinyl-Covered Aluminum - $238.95

Textured Black Vinyl-Covered Aluminum - $238.95

Antique Brass - $286.00

The Gilbert® 2002GT provides: 

• Standard setting fly-catching for wall-sconce flytraps!
• Holds our large 22 x 5" glue board, flat.
• And  features easy glue board replacement.

The new Flying Venus adds a whole new last line of defense against flies, increasing the effectiveness of the overall integrated pest management system, helping to reduce the need for chemical methods.

Front-line strategy emphasizes eliminating flies before they get into operating rooms or food processing areas: dumpster tactics, sanitation, the judicious use of approved chemical methods, physical exclusion, and the strategic placement of additional, at least one, larger, more powerful, professional flytrap.

Note that our No-Wall-Fade design won't fade or yellow your wall, like competitor's designs. It's time to replace old-fashioned gimmicks with truly professional flytraps.

 Gilbert 2002GT features:

Two, superior, 20 watt insect attractant lamps

Glue Board

One Year Warranty by manufacturer (excluding lamps, glueboards)

Dimensions: 24-3/4"W x 11-1/2"H. Depth slopes 2-3/4" to 1-7/16"

Decorative power cord (6 ft., 115v grounded)

Universal and keyhole mounting slots provided on all versions. Mount horizontally with point down.

Textured Black or White Vinyl-Covered Aluminum Weight: 8 lbs.

Antique Brass Wt.: 11 lbs.

In halls, corridors, walks, passageways, or aisles, install this trap horizontally with bottom point at least 6' 4" above the floor or with the top of the trap below 27".

Draws 43 watts of energy.



** May take up to 10 business days to ship from the Manufacturer.



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